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MotionX-GPS Waypoint: Auto-Position 001


김석영 uses MotionX-GPS on the iPhone and is sharing with you the following waypoint:

Name:Auto-Position 001
Date:2011. 6. 3. 9:01 am
(valid until Nov 29, 2011)
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 Latitude: 37.529217º N
 Longitude:126.919336º E
 Altitude:0 m


MotionX-GPS Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What is MotionX-GPS?
    MotionX-GPS is the essential GPS application for outdoor enthusiasts. It puts an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art handheld GPS on your iPhone.

  2. Can I use MotionX-GPS?
    Sure! MotionX-GPS can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. Or try the free version, MotionX-GPS Lite .

  3. How can I display waypoints in Google Earth?
    Follow the directions on the Google Earth web site to download and install the Google Earth program. Save the attached "AutoPosition 001.kmz" file to your computer. Launch Google Earth, select File, Open, and open the saved "AutoPosition 001.kmz" file.

  4. This email was forwarded to me. Where are the attachments?
    Some e-mail programs do not include the original attachments by default when forwarding an e-mail. In this case, the sender must reattach the original files for them to be included.


Please contact MotionX customer support with any comments or questions.

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The MotionX Team

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